Tips For Miami Car Accident Victims

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According to Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System, the state sees a large number of vehicle collisions every year. Last year alone generated 374,031 reports of car crashes with 159,767 of these resulting in injuries and 2,677 resulting in deaths. Property damage was extensive as well in a total of 211,587 cases. Many of these involve pedestrian, bicycles and motorcycles. Brush up on the It pays to have an experienced Miami car accident lawyer by your side after such an incident. Victims will be able to recover more from the insurance claims and court compensations.

Mandatory Liability Insurance

All states have laws to protect the people in the event of a vehicle collision. According to the Florida Financial Responsibility Law, motorists must be covered with liability insurance at the very least so that there will be funds ready to help the victims. The minimum coverage limits is as follows: $10,000 per person for bodily injuries that can go up to $20,000 for each crash, as well as $10,000 for the property damage resulting directly from the impact. There should also be personal injury protection coverage of at least $10,000 for each person affected in the crash.

License Suspension until Full Compliance

The victims can file a claim to get these funds released. They can use the money to pay their hospital bills and other medical bills. They can have their car taken to the repair shop as well. Sometimes the extent of the accident is so severe that the minimum limits prove to be too low. That’s why many opt to increase their coverage amounts voluntarily even if this means paying higher premiums every month. This is far better than suddenly having to pay for the balance with your own money because the insurance agency can only pay for a small percentage of the total.

Those who cannot pay up may find their licensed suspended until they reach full compliance. This typically happens to motorists who drive without insurance at all. Perhaps they stopped paying due to lack of budget or plain ignorance of the law. The suspension can extend for up to 20 years depending on the gravity of the offense. A similar strategy can be used for those who only have partial coverage to force them to pay up to their victims.

Reporting the Incident

If you become a victim in a car accident, then be sure to contact the authorities right away. A report must be made of the incident. Make it official with all of the necessary forms which will someday be used in court. Motorists who cause a crash often try to negotiate a settlement right away with the victims to prevent things from escalating any further. Resist the urge to agree to any amount. This may seem like a good offer but you are probably getting much lower than what you are entitled to under the law. If you report the incident and go to court, then you will get full compensation for damages.

What You Can Do to Ensure Smooth Insurance processing

After filling a police report, do everything you can to satisfy all of the requirements of the insurance agencies. The records of the investigators must include the insurance details of both parties. The incident must also be reported to your own insurance provider within the time limit stated in the contract. Do not delay as it would be extremely frustrating to be denied payment just because of a technicality. You may also file a claim against the policy of the at-fault driver to get the funds from his or her liability coverage. Go directly to the agency and not the driver to avoid a possibly violent confrontation.

Legal Representation

You can do this all by yourself or you could hire a Miami car accident lawyer to help you throughout the process. It is always advisable to get the services of an attorney. Studies show that people who have one are more likely to gain success with their cases. They also obtain a greater amount in compensation compared to those who do things by themselves. Think of it as an investment towards ensuring a fruitful outcome. Insurance agents are trained to spot holes so that they can lower the payment for claims. Lawyers can help you avoid these traps to get the full benefits.

Out-of-court Settlements

It is sometimes appropriate to settle out of court particularly when the need for the funds is great and time is of the essence. Cases can take many months or even years to get resolved. Many get impatient with the process and wish to collect their due immediately. Lawyers can negotiate to make this happen. Just be sure that the paperwork has been filed with the police, the insurance company, and the courts. Having an outstanding case will make the at-fault party more willing to sit down and discuss matters. Skilled negotiators can use this as leverage to maximize your compensation. They will always choose tp pay more than risk jail time.

In case the negotiators cannot agree on the details, then the court case will simply have to proceed as scheduled. You need to have a good litigator representing your interests to convince the judge that you were the victim. The other camp might reverse the story or at least put some doubt regarding your innocence in the whole thing. This might lower the compensation you are entitled to. Good lawyers can combat this through skillful evidence presentation and witness examination.