5 Facts About the OK Corral Shootout

The OK Corral Shootout is one of the most well-known gun battles in American history. In fact, it was this shootout that made Wyatt Earp a household name. Occurring at the OK Corral in 1881, this event lasted only 30 seconds but claimed lives and did not end the long-running battle between the lawmen and the cowboys. Five more facts about the shootout at the ok corral of interest are:

1- The battle between the two sides began over many different issues the two conflicted on. The Clantons thought of their enemy as bullies with badges who simply inflicted their interested on the public. The Earps considered their enemies to be murderers and thieves.

2- When Ike Clanton and Tom McLaury were arrested by Virgil Earp for carrying firearms within the city limits, the shootout was planned.

3- Months after the shootout, both sides retaliated and two more people lost their lives as the result. Tom Clanton was one of those who died.

4- Morgan Earp, Virgil Earp, and Wyatt Earp were all arrested and charged with murder for these deaths but released after 30 days with charges dismissed.

5- Not many people knew about the battle until it was later told in a memoir. Since this time, this shootout has become a part of our history that is of great importance to many people.

The Shootout of a Lifetime

shootout at the ok corral

The wild, wild west is a part of our history that we’ll forever remember, along with this shootout. Although it lasted just 30 seconds, it was an important part of our history. You can find documentaries, books, videos, and memorabilia that reflects this shootout and the events that surrounded the shootout between the two groups of men if you wish to learn more or show your interest.